6 Things You Need to Know about Android Q, Can You Win from iOS?

Are you an Android-based smartphone user? What OS do you use now? Get ready to be surprised because now Android has released its latest version, Android Q! It seems that just yesterday was Android Pie released?

What is special about Android Q and what are the latest features offered? Get ready to upgrade this version, yes! Let’s find out!

1. Privacy is better for users

One of the main concerns of developers for this new OS is privacy. There are several new features related to application permissions to help provide understanding and control over what is accessed by the application on your smartphone, says the Android Central page.

For example, there is a pop-up asking for location access. Do you want to give location access all the time, only when the application is being used or not activated at all.

2. More varied theme options

Sometimes, we are so saturated with the theme options in our gadget. Don’t you want to see that? Don’t worry, Android Q can get rid of your boredom. We can customize mobile phones related to color theme accents.

In Beta 1, there are several options, such as default blue, green, purple and black. Meanwhile, in Beta 2 the issue will be a ‘Pixel Theme’ even though it is not yet functioning optimally, later this will live in the final version.

3. There is a built-in screen recording

Say goodbye to the screen recording application, because now Android Q provides a built-in screen recording! Yep, you don’t have to bother installing the application again. Anti complicated, right?

With the built-in screen recording, we can easily record videos on the gadget screen. This feature has been requested by many Android users and is now available to you. Yayy!

4. Better support for folding smartphones

2019 is a time for foldable smartphones, aka folding cellphones. Various types have mastered the market, such as Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Royole FlexPai and so on.

To support this trend, Android Q includes optimal support. Like a feature to manage the appearance of applications in a large folding screen.

5. A more enhanced menu share feature

The Android share menu is often complained of because it’s too slow. Now, this feature is improved in Android Q Beta 1. Not only is it faster, but it is also better in terms of appearance.

Android Q also increases the sharing menu by adding a copy button to the top of the menu when sharing a link. So, the URL link and copy button will appear automatically at the top. It will be more concise because we no longer need to choose the option ‘Copy to clipboard’ as in the previous OS version.

6. Add the dark mode feature to the theme

The screen is too bright can make our eyes tired. The new Android Q feature will overcome this problem.

There is a dark mode feature, when activated the dark theme will take over the display (settings), launcher, volume control and so on. An increase, because this feature is not available in the previous OS.


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