7 Simple Ways to Prevent Wrinkles on the Face. It’s No Longer Older Though It’s Still in its 20s

As we get older, collagen production in the body will decrease. This then reduces the elasticity of the skin, especially on the face. Especially if you are often exposed to direct sunlight and dirt dust. It looks normal, but wrinkles on the face can make make-up break and will interfere with your appearance!

Before this happens, it helps you do the following things as prevention. No need to wait for your 30s, even now you have to do it.

1. Practice the most basic skin care every day

Skin care basically requires you to use moisturizer regularly. But if you often do outdoor activities, it is also advisable to use sunscreen with a minimum SPF content of 30.

2. Less deh habit of narrowing the eyes and wrinkling the forehead

Both of these can make the muscles in the eye area overwork which eventually cause folds and fine lines under the surface of the skin. If you often narrow your eyes because of blurred vision, it’s better to just wear glasses.

3. Do not wash your face too often because it actually triggers wrinkles because the face becomes dry

Especially if you use facial washing soap that contains active chemicals. So as not to cause wrinkles, just wash your face twice a day. If you really have to wash your face again, use warm water so that the face doesn’t dry out.

4. Also limit consumption of sugar and oily foods from now on

Consumption of sugar and too much oily food can speed up the glycation process which will trigger advanced glycation end products (AGE) in the body, launching the Sehatq page. Though this protein can break down collagen which functions to maintain skin elasticity. Now, if collagen breaks, the skin will look older because of wrinkles.

5. Consumption of salmon or tuna containing omega-3 to rejuvenate the skin and build cell production

Besides omega-3, its antioxidant content also plays a role in counteracting free radicals and repairing damaged skin cells!

6. Add skincare that has AHA content in it

AHAs contain natural acids that can protect the skin from the causes of wrinkles. This acid can also be used to smooth the texture of the skin which starts to grind and folds appear. Plus again, AHA can produce collagen which makes the skin look more supple and firmer. But the good, the use of AHA coupled with sunscreen to avoid sun exposure.

7. Occasionally do gymnastics or massage in the face area

You can do light movements such as forehead or cheek exercises. Just do it for 15 minutes every morning to prevent wrinkles on the face. In addition to gymnastics, it is also recommended to massage certain parts of the face to improve blood circulation which can reduce facial muscle tension. You only need to do the massage twice a week.

Instead of just complaining because it starts to appear wrinkles even though the age is still in their 20s, better do the precautions above. If you are painstaking, you can minimize wrinkles guaranteed.

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