If These 8 Things You Feel, Tired of Your Heart. Not your physics

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For some reason, lately you feel very tired. Spend 8 hours with your weekday routine, really consuming energy. Arriving home not too late, but it seems you are not able to do anything else. Even on weekends you only lie down at home without meaningful activities. Strangely, you still feel tired.

Fatigue is a natural thing. Especially if there are many activities or things that require other physical activities. But, it is not always the physical tiredness. There are times when your heart is tired. That also makes you still feel tired even if you do not do anything heavy and draining. Then, what are the other signs that you are tired of heart? Some of the following you can suspect.

1. You become easily stunned and upset because things are even simple

In your days, recently your emotions are easily ignited. The little things that you hear and see, so quickly offend you and think negatively about everything. Your friend goes to lunch alone, makes you feel left out. Though maybe you are busy and your friend is not comfortable to bother. In essence, your emotions are easily ignited, including with simple things that might have been ordinary before.

2. Every time you wake up in the morning, you start to wonder “What am I doing? Ah, should I do this again? Until when?”

You start to question your life every morning, when you wake up. Activities that you have been doing for a long time suddenly lost their essence in your eyes. Relationships that you have lived for years, suddenly completely blurred in your eyes. You begin to wonder what you are actually doing, what you want, how long will it continue to be, and does it really have to stay this way?

3. Sleep patterns are messy. Often you feel tired, it’s been a long time closed your eyes, but not asleep either

Feeling “tired” it also starts to disturb your sleep rhythm. Usually, if you are physically tired, you will immediately sleep as soon as your body touches the mattress and pillow. But this time, you will spend hours lying down. Stare at the ceiling of the room, sometimes also listen to the song in a faint voice, but also not asleep. My mind is so tired, but at the same time turning things around and not falling asleep.

4. You were so enthusiastic about updating social media once a day, now you’re just lazy scrolling. It’s not that you don’t have time, you’re just “tired”

Physical exhaustion, usually you become happy again when you do something you like while resting. For example reading a book or as simple as updating social media like your hobby first. Those things are quite entertaining and make your fatigue a little less. Now, you feel like you don’t have the energy to do that. Never mind updates, just scrolling social media you can’t. If forced, you will only scroll without meaning, without really knowing what you are looking for.

5. Suddenly you become a supersensitive person. The simplest things can make you cry when you want to

Besides being easily offended, you are also more sensitive than before. Your crybaby comes out without you knowing why. Simple things like melancholy song lyrics, film scenes that are a little emotional, or even sad scenes that you see can trigger your tear glands excessively. Unknowingly, you cry often. Even after thinking about it again, you are also confused about what makes you so sad that you cry. Or … are you actually crying for yourself?

6. Feeling tired after a week of overtime is natural. But if you are still tired even though ordinary activities, it needs to be questioned

This sign is the clearest and easiest to see. If your tired is due to overtime a week, taking care of events that make you pace back and forth for days, that is a natural thing. But how busy are you lately? Is it still the same as usual, sitting in front of a laptop 7-8 hours every day, going home at normal hours and there is no unusual work. If that’s the case, why do you feel so exhausted?

7. The body feels achy and uncomfortable. But after massage and relaxation it doesn’t improve either

Physical fatigue will decrease if you see a masseuse or just relaxation at the salon. Or you can also take time off to rest at home or traveling near here. You should be back fresh and ready to sail the following days. But after enough rest, massage, to the salon, and leave for sleep all day, the feeling of fatigue still does not want to disappear. Is it possible that your fatigue is deep inside?

8. You hate the situation you are facing right now, but you feel you can’t do anything to get out of it

Sometimes there is a feeling of hate that wanders in you. You hate the situation you are facing right now. Every cell in your body seems to rebel and scream because it doesn’t want to experience the same situation again tomorrow. However, you also don’t know what to do to get out of that tedious situation. Even if there is, you don’t dare to take it.

That can be tired is not only the body, but also the heart. Usually the heart has its own mechanism to convey the message that he is tired. But often the message is not understood, or deliberately ignored. Yet if the heart is tired tired ignored longer, after a long time will spread to the physical body as well.

Come on, try to communicate better with your heart. Let’s start looking for solutions to the situation at hand. Whether it’s labor-consuming work, or other burdensome relationships. Maybe you just need a little vacation, or maybe you really have to let go for best tabayyun in your life

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