7 The Best School Uniforms around the World

Many schools have obliged their students to wear uniforms. The number of schools that oblige its students is still high. In order to give you brief overview related to school uniforms, here are 7 the best school uniforms around the world.

In line with that, this list may be different from other sources. Please reading it wisely. Now, let’s jump on those best school uniforms you should know based on the country.

School Uniform from Canada

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The first best school uniform comes from Canada and teespro.id. School uniforms are not obliged to have in all of schools in Canada.

The uniforms are mostly in kilted skirts for girls and trousers for boys. The shirts are in form of long or short sleeves with additional school logo. In addition, several schools also add the use of blazer, vest, or cardigan sweater.

School Uniform from Japan

Japan is known to have school uniforms. It is very universal to use nowadays. For girls, sailor outfits are very common to see around the country. As for kids, they will wear a bright colored cap. As for boys, they wear a military style. What they wear is also adjusted to the season.

School Uniform from Australia

There is no certain requirement to have uniforms for schools in Australia. They can choose whatever uniform design for their own school. Then, the majority schools will choose the color of uniform based on their school colors.

Boys generally wear a polo shirt or a button-up one and shorts or long trousers. Girls wear a polo shirt or button-up as well in winter with additional tie and blazer. They may have a stripped or checkered dress with blouse.

School Uniform from South Korea

South Korea is included in one of 7 the best school uniforms. Almost all of schools there are required to wear uniforms. They have a western-style uniform that consists of skirts or trousers, a shirt with blazer and tie. A name tag is also used and has various colors per grade.

School Uniform from United Kingdom

It is very common to see students in the United Kingdom to wear school uniforms even though there is no legislation. What’s important is that the uniform is equal for everyone, and it can tolerate any religious freedom, such as the use of headscarf for female Muslims.

School Uniform from Ukraine

The uniform design in this country should be considered as one of the best school uniforms. Several schools in Ukraine require uniforms to wear.

It is in military school uniforms in which girls will wear a traditional uniform. The boys will dress-up in a warrior style. It can be found mostly in military boarding schools.

School Uniform from New Zealand

This country has a British-like uniform. However, the boys wear shorts and a jersey rather than long trousers and a blazer with tie. Girls will wear a plaid or plain skirt with a blouse.

That’s all 7 the best school uniforms from different countries around the world. In addition, countries which have four seasons in a year will usually have different school uniforms as well.

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