Bill Gates Biography: the Successful Man on Earth

Talking about Bill Gates is always pleasing. You all must have known who he is. His name is very influential looking what he has done for the development of technology. Since his name is known in the world, there have been a lot of stories about him.

Gates’s success has inspired much young generation to live their dream and dream as high as they can. What he has created has given a big change in the technology. Let’s get to know his stories.

Early Life of Bill Gates

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Born in Seattle, Washington on October 28th 1955, his name is William Henry Gates III. His mother is Mary Maxwell Gates and his father is William H. Gates Sr. His ancestry includes Scots-Irish, English, Irish, and German.

His mother was known as the board of directors for United Way and Interstate BancSystem. How about William H. Gates Sr.? He was known as a prominent lawyer at that time. Additionally, Gates has a younger sister and an older sister.

Looking at how well their parents made for living, they wanted Gates to be a lawyer just like his father did. Gates realized that when he was still young.

About Microsoft

Since he was young, he was very interested in computer programming. Along with his friends, he had done something interesting related to the computer programming.

A very well-known about Bill Gates was the fact that he was accepted in Harvard. He got high score for his SAT and successfully enrolled at Harvard. However, he did not continue the education and left after two years studying.

BASIC interpreter was the first that he worked on. His friend, Allen was the one who named their partnership as “Micro-Soft”. Microsoft was registered on November 1976. They built it well until it finally hit the world. Now, it is such a great history people have.

His Activities beside the Microsoft

Beside his dedication to computer thing, Bill Gates is known to be highest earning billionaire in the world. In January 2014, his assets are mentioned to be held in Cascade Investment LLC.

He has stakes in various businesses such as Corbis Corp and Four Seasons Hotels and Resort. On February 2014, Gates became Technology advisor and surely stepped down from chairman position. Gates is also interested in various charitable activities.

As A Philanthropist

In 2009, Warren Buffet and Gates built The Giving Pledge. Other billionaires also give half of their wealth. All of the philanthropist give at least half of their wealth. What they give is used to spread goodness.

In addition to that, Gates also founded Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Although Gates and his wife have done a lot of things with their wealth through foundations, they still give personal donations.

Gates’s Footsteps in Various Media

There have been many footsteps of him in books or films. There are two books written by himself. There are also feature films and documentaries about him.

This is the end of Bill Gates’s stories. It is actually not enough to write about him in limited words. Nevertheless, he has created a history in human living.

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