5 Manageable Master Bedroom Ideas (Based on the Theme)

industrial style master bedroom

Everyone understands that bedroom is one of important parts of the house. Comfort level of bedroom can determine whether or not the house is good. Therefore, many master bedroom ideas are created to facilitate the wishes of homeowners.

A good room design does not always involve intricate ornaments or expensive furniture. Simple things like spatial arrangement and lighting can change the previous bedroom boring to look happy.

Cottage-style Modern Bedroom

Cottage-style Modern Bedroom

This design is more appropriately applied if your master bedroom is in the upper room with an arched ceiling. To emphasize the cottage impression, take a wooden accent, either through the furniture or surroundings.

For surroundings, use bright colored paint like white with a monochrome accent to make the room feel spacious and cleaner. For lighting, you can put 3-point lighting at ceiling or the side of your mattress.

Industrial-style Master Bedroom

industrial style master bedroom

Just as the name implies, by adopting small bedroom ideas, you need to get rough in your bedroom. Changes that must be done include changing the room color to be dominant rust-colored. To complete it, put a work desk or leather chair.

Unlike most mattresses with sofa or soft bench ornaments, you can give leathery bench on the foot of bed. For color selection, brown must be dominant to give the impression of industrial and rugged natural look.

In order to avoid a dark look, you can balance the color by providing one or two neutral light-colored furniture, such as white or gold. The defined furniture includes a side lamp or table decoration.

Frame-decorated Bedroom Style

For this design, you should prepare several things to support the style. These items are:

  • Black and white photo frame
  • Light-patterned floor mat
  • Nature-themed ornaments (potted plant, etc.)
  • Monochrome styled bed cover

Pattern-dominates Master Bedroom

Pattern-dominates Master Bedroom

If you still have a high youthful spirit or want to give a different style, this kind of master bedroom ideas is suitable for you. The main element of this design is the use of a variety of vibrant color spectrum.

Strive for the maximum efforts by customizing big items such as wallpaper or bed cover. For wallpapers, just choose different styles and colors, like a mosaic of the flag or colorful shapes and patterns.

The next ornament to modify is bedcover. You can choose a diamond-shaped blanket or symmetrical-shaped pillow cushion. Apply it to several items on the mattress, and let the rest stay plain white to maintain simplicity.

Luxurious-styled Master bedroom

Luxurious things always stay consistent with two or three color themes, like white, gold, and another bold color. White can be applied to the base color, coupled with a bold one, and then decorated with gold ornaments.

You can also make the room look more luxurious by maintaining simple and tidy elements. Invest in some storage and cupboard to contain all the small things, like books and clothes.

Those master bedroom ideas are applicable for your room. All the designs mentioned above are categorized as simple and easy to do, so you can change the condition of your bedroom every time you want.

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