Mezzanine Floors: Can they be Practical and Attractive?

Mezzanine Floors are semi irreversible frameworks which when developed within an existing building develop a new floor degree between the existing flooring as well as roof covering. They are a particularly affordable way of creating added room within an existing structure. If you should broaden your business and the costs of moving or extending your facilities seem excessive a mezzanine floor can be the answer by increasing the available floor room.

Mezzanines can have several applications they can be used for storage space (Elevated storage space systems), plant assistance structures, workplace, producing locations, office areas and also retail locations. There is no limitation to the flexibility of mezzanine systems and it is a very budget-friendly method of potentially doubling your functional floor area.

Mezzanine floorings aren’t just an economical option for development but could additionally be a wonderful way to settle an organisation right into smaller sized as well as more inexpensive premises by making complete use the available room. If you presently run out of two sites why not search in to the expediency of bringing both procedures with each other into one with the introduction of a mezzanine flooring to offer the added required flooring room.

Things to consider prior to acquiring a Mezzanine Flooring

Readily available Clearance

One of the most vital consideration for any mezzanine flooring is available headroom. Generally an existing minimum roofing system height of approx. 4.500 m would certainly be the minimum requirement to attain appropriate clearance at both ground and also first floor degrees.


Mezzanine floors are developed to fit client needs but likewise based on the loading demands of the Structure Rules as well as BRE Digest 437. Mezzanine loadings begin with 2.5 kn/m2 (250kg/m2) for light offices with no partitions and enhance to some incredibly heavy loadings for specialist procedures, however an usual style loading would certainly remain in the area of 5kn/m2 (500kg/m2) which appropriates for most applications. Further consideration needs to be offered for the amount of allowable deflection (bounce) within the style. Mezzanines are generally lightweight frameworks which allow deflection within its layout, this could however be reduced by lowering the deflection limitations within the style, Warning … less costly mezzanine floorings usually have more deflection (bounce).


The use of a mezzanine floor is extremely important as this will certainly influence the execution of the needs of Building Laws. If the mezzanine flooring is to be used as a workplace or made use of for retail objectives factor to consider have to be created appropriate access for impaired individuals according to Part M of the Structure Laws. This can be generally be accomplished with the provision of an appropriate (Component M) staircase Additionally mezzanine floors made use of as working areas or for retail objectives will certainly be needed to adjust with more rigid fire safety and security and also escape needs compared to storage space systems. All mezzanines are threat evaluated based upon there proposed use and also developed appropriately.


Access to mezzanine floorings is normally using a staircase. You need to consider where finest this would certainly be positioned to fit your operation although consideration ought to likewise be offered to its position in connection with fire escape from the structure so as to decrease retreat travel distances. Maximum travel ranges are a Building Rules requirement and because of this on bigger mezzanine floors added stairs will be required.

Mezzanine support legs

Mezzanine floorings are usually totally free standing frameworks independent of the existing building and also they are supported on there own columns. The position and frequency of these columns is extremely flexible and could be developed around particular site conditions as well as consumer requirements. Nonetheless as a general regulation the less columns in the layout the a lot more expensive the structure ends up being.

Decking surface

Most of mezzanines have 38mm high density fragment board decking which is incredibly versatile and offers a solid hard wearing surface area appropriate for lots of applications. Other wood decking kinds are readily available consisting of Plywood’s and different steel surface areas.

Choosing a provider

Central Mezzanines are a leading British supplier of mezzanines, having our very own in residence design and production team we are able to provide mezzanine services which are both tailored to the requirements of each specific customer yet likewise use the most competitive solutions to attain consumer contentment completely conformity with the legal needs of The Building Laws.

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