Redefine Your Design Taste with Minimalist Round Mirror

ideas for a round mirror

How important is a mirror for you?

Many people consider that mirror is nothing more than a complementary furniture piece, thus it does not require too much attention.

In truth, mirror with decorative look is able to serve as focal point wherever it is placed.

One of mirror designs that can be taken into account is minimalist round mirror that looks beautiful for your minimalist or modern interior.

As the name suggests, this mirror comes with minimalist design. Some may come with border, some others are designed to be borderless.

With the right choice of mirror models, you will be able to achieve the goal for dream interior.

Below, you are about to find round mirror ideas with minimalist design to complement any space inside your home.

Best Choices of Minimalist Round Mirror

1. Scandinavian round mirror with border

round mirror bedroom

This is the first idea for round mirror that is going to level up your room.

Scandinavian round mirror is designed with black border, providing timeless look for your space.

The mirror looks great when mounted on white wall, especially when combined with white furniture pieces.

This mirror is suitable to be placed in your bathroom, hallway, or powder room.

Please feel free to access home depot  to get more inspirations for round mirror.

2. Chic mirror with minimalist concept

round mirror big

Do you need large round mirror to decorate the interior?

This chic mirror is what you are looking for.

Being borderless, this piece can be placed in any room concept starting from modern, contemporary, or even farmhouse.

The large size allows you to mount the mirror in the entryway, thus your guest can check their appearance before entering the house.

3. Leather wrapped mirror

round mirror black frame

Mirror can be transformed into a stylish furniture piece inside your home.

Take a look at this minimalist round mirror that is wrapped with leather and be ready to get one.

The mirror can be a great addition for various interior concepts including farmhouse and country house.

Interestingly, it comes with string so that you can hang it on the wall.

4. Elegant round mirror with thick border

round mirror b&m

Get elegant nuance inside your interior with this round mirror!

The piece comes with thick black border, giving contrast appearance when mounted on white wall.

Its large size makes the mirror is applicable anywhere such as hallway, entryway, living room, or bedroom.

It can also be an addition for your master bathroom.

5. Minimalist industrial mirror

round mirror cabinet

This industrial round mirror looks fabulous to complement your minimalist-industrial interior.

That makes the mirror looks awesome is metal border with vintage look, making it a suitable furniture piece for any interior concept including industrial, minimalist, and vintage.

This works best when combined with vanity or drawers with matching nuance.

Place kursi under the mirror to enhance its beauty.

Things about mirror are not that simple.

With the right choice of mirror design, it is able to elevate the beauty and value of your space.

What are you waiting for?

Grab some interesting mirror ideas and choose the best one for your room.

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