Resignation Letter for PRN Position

PRN position usually handles emergency condition.

Any worker should be willing of working in any shift because emergency may happen any time.

What if you want to quit from the job? The very first thing you should make is resignation letter for PRN position.

Making this kind of resignation letter is likely challenging because there is an etiquette you have to keep in mind.

Surely you want to resign in a good standing.

That is why paying attention to the etiquette is a must to achieve this goal.

Especially for PRN position, you have to think twice or even three times before deciding the right time to leave the job and find the best way to quit.

Etiquette When Creating Resignation Letter for PRN Position

There is always a right way to resign from your current PRN job.

As it is not wise to burn any bridge, make sure you really know the stipulated rules of your employer.

Followings are etiquettes to keep in mind before resigning from your position.

1. Check employee handbook

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First thing to create resignation letter (contoh surat pengunduran diri), check out your employee handbook.

Since each employer has different rules that prevail, it is wise to understand what should and should not be done in a matter of resigning.

For PRN position, it usually requires notices. Check the required amount of notice according to your time of service and position.

This could be anywhere ranging from 1 to 4 weeks.

2. Contact HR

In case you do not have handbook, you are suggested to contact Human Resources (HR) of the company related to required notice before you resign.

This is the safest way to make sure you can resign from the position.

3. Create resignation letter

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After making sure the right time to leave, you can start to create resignation letter for PRN position.

Compose your letter containing end date and something cordial.

You may include “I have enjoyed my time working in (company/employer) and I would like to thank you for the opportunity.

This is a politeness that you can show to the employer.

If you have never made any business letter before, chances are that you will end up being stuck in the first minute.

To avoid this, get some examples of resignation from the internet. You only need to copy and make a few adjustment.

4. Make a call

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Resignation letter is adequate, but you can make it better by making a call.

Before handing out the letter, state your intention through personal call and followed up with written notice.

This is much better if you are close enough with the employer. Make sure you keep the copy of resignation letter for yourself.

This is a site that you need to visit when you are planning to compose a resignation letter.

There are many samples as well as templates to inspire yourself. Rather than spending time thinking your own words, check out the site and grab some examples.

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