Theresa May, a Powerful Woman You Should Know

Theresa May is known to be a Prime Minister in the United Kingdom. As a british politician, she has a long list of positions that she has ever held. She is such a inspiring woman to know for people out there.

Although May is not young anymore, her dedication to political field is no doubt. She is very active and looks happy to do what she can do in the politics. Here is more information about her.

Early Life of Theresa May

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It is interesting to know how someone’s life backgrounds since many of well-known people have great stories to tell. Now, let’s meet this inspirational woman.

Born in Eastbourne, Sussex, in October 1st, 1956, May was born from Hubert Brasier and Zaidee Mary. For your information, May is the only child of the spouses. Hubert Braiser was also an activist, while Zaidee Mary also supported the Conservative Party.

Educational Background

How did she spend her education? Let’s see. Theresa May attended Heythrop Primary School. It was a state school in Heythrop. Later, she went into a school for girls namely St. Juliana’s Convent School. It was a Roman Catholic school.

When she was 13 years old, she went into a state school in Wheatley. The school was Holton Park Girls’ Grammar School. Now, the school has changed its name due to the reorganized Oxfordshire education system.

As for Undergraduate education, she attended University of Oxford and graduated in 1977. That’s how she spent her education in her young age.

Her Career in the Beginning

After graduating, it was mentioned that Theresa May worked at a bank namely Bank of England for about 6 years. It was quite long. Later, she became a senior advisor and financial consultant between 1985 and 1997.

In September 1980, she was married to Phillip May. In the following year, her father, Hubert Braiser died because of a car accident. Meanwhile, her mother, Zaidee Mary, died because of multiple sclerosis.

Her Parliamentary Career

As her parents died, May was sorry that they could not see her entering the parliament. Now, let’s talk about May’s career in parliament. In 1998-1999, she became a Shadow Spokesman.

In 1999, she was mentioned as the first of the 1997 MPs who entered the Shadow Cabinet. In the 2001 election, the new Conservative leader still kept May in the Shadow Cabinet. It seemed like May had a great work to be proud of.

Did her career stop there? No, for sure. May sat on strategic positions and it was various.

May As a Prime Minister

As a Prime Minister, she sat on that position in 2016. She was also a leader of Conservative Party at that time. A one-nation conservative is a way she identifies herself. How she worked shows how she is very dedicated to what she loves.

That’s all stories about Theresa May, one of powerful women in the United Kingdom. She has ever pointed as second most powerful woman in 2013. It was second position after Queen Elizabeth II. What a woman!

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